Day 21: What Makes Me Sad

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Today’s theme I have been deading. What makes me sad? Well, a few things make me sad. However, two things can dampen my mood and upset me.

  • What If 

I am always questioning the decisions that I make. I also wonder what if I had done a lot of things differently. Like, What if I hadn’t worked at the job I hated for nearly 10 years? Or what if I dated the other woman I was talking to instead of the one that broke me? There are so many roads that I didn’t take, I regret all most all of them.

I spend too much time looking back and wondering what could have been, and not enough time enjoying or being in the moment. I am trying to work through it, and some days I do enjoy the  being in the moment. Other days, I’m a sad sack. The good thing to come out this is the fact that I have an idea for a novel, I just need to start writing it.

  • Living Far Away From My Daughter

I won’t go too much into this one, but for those that don’t know I have a daughter. I moved across the other side of the state to kick start my career as a journalist. And it can be hard thinking about her and being so far away from her. I will be back close to her one though, and I can’t wait for that day to come.

That’s another hard post done and dusted, to finish off this post I’m going to post a video to a song that makes me happy. Take care peeps.

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