Mayhem retires, hopefully not lost to the sport

Before he took on C.B. Dollaway at the weekend Jason “mayhem” Miller stated that if he lost the bout he would retire from the sport and unfortunately Dollaway came away with the unanimous decision. The loss was not good for Miller, but any slim chance of him staying with the UFC was dashed when there was an incident involving ‘Mayhem’ backstage after the fight and UFC President Dana White confirmed that they were severing ties with the former ‘Bully Beatdown’ host. MMA fans and media all wondered what the hell Miller could have done, I mean he does seem crazy but I’m sure that he wouldn’t do something that would jeopardise his career? and will we all stewed on what it could be, we only had to wait till his appearance on the MMA hour with Ariel Helwani where a sombre Miller stuck true to his statement and announce that he would retire for now. As for the backstage incident, the only thing that came to Miller’s mind was that UFC  backstage co-ordinator Burt Watson was on his case for his choice of headware (a gas mask and paper bag) on his way to the cage.

I have been a big fan ‘Mayhem’ for a long time, he is a great entertainer and I thought that he was a very underrated fighter (is if he doesn’t stay retired)  he has had some excellent fights and I would beg him to reconsider. If he were to stay out of the cage I hope he would stay associated with the sport in some capacity like a coach or commentator as his knowledge and love for the sport are second to none.

If this is the end thanks for the memories ‘Mayhem’.

Wimp 2 Warrior

As well as an Australian Ultimate Fighter there is going to be another MMA reality shows hitting our screens (hopefully) in the future called Wimp 2 Warrior. Now this show has a different concept, Wimp 2 Warrior will take everyday people and they will spend 6 months training, eating and living the life of a Mixed Martial Artist. At the end they will get to see if all the hard work pays off when they step into the cage with Australian promotion Brace for War. Leading them in their journey is North Sydney gym Platinum Extreme owner and MMA coach Richie Cranny.

This is a great chance for anyone to take part in but it really needs support so I’m keen for everbody to get behind it. If it does become successful, who knows, maybe you will be on the next series?! Until then please check out and like the facebook page: