Fearing for the future

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It’s nearly 9:30 pm and as I just sit down to write, I almost decided that I wasn’t going to a blog post today. Now, I won’t be doing some amazing ’30 blog posts in 30 days’ or anything like that, I am just trying to get in the groove of writing again so that I can better at it and the fact that I have now done six posts in a row makes me very happy.


In yesterday’s blog I spoke about wanting to be the Aussie Bill Simmons, who has had quite an amazing career going from the ‘Boston Sports Guy’ to being on the 2020 Forbes Celebrity 100 (he is number 13) and I’m still at university trying to finish.


Now it would be cool to one day be the founder and CEO of my own website, I am however worried about the path to getting there. I discovered way too late that what I wanted to be doing with my life and I have taken awhile to get through uni, the next problem that I face what job am I going to get after my degree. While I have changed my mind numerous times, I pretty excited about getting to work in a newsroom and get some experience.


The problem that I face when I finish my degree (fingers crossed it will be the end of next year) is that there have been a lot of layoffs in the media industry. Places like Fox Sports, Buzzfeed, Vice, Australian Associated Press and News Corp news outlets have all either made redundancies or closed down operations all together (AAP was saved from closing down but they will be making redundancies). The Guardian Australia has also noted that more than 150 newsrooms have been shut down since January 2019 and of course COVID-19 hasn’t helped out job market at all.


Anyway I know that I am looking too far ahead, I have plenty of time to figure it out and who knows in that time I could always get that lead writer job with Bleacher Report or any other site I’ve always wanted to write for.


Any way guys thanks for reading blog number six and until next time, take care!



Wanting to be the Aussie Bill Simmons

One journalist I look up to is Bill Simmons. (Photo Credit Variety.com)

I often set loft goal and have high expectations for myself, what can I say I am a dreamer. Over the years I have wanted to be some many things in my life, from a pro wrestler to an MMA fighter to an actor (my dream was crushed in year 10 when I missed out on a part in lunch time play). As I have touched on a few time on this blog, I got into writing during an injury and things took off me leading me to wanting a career in sports journalism and as always I have set myself some lofty expectations.


Two of my favourite sports writers in the world at the moment are Bill Simmons and Shea Serrano, who funnily enough have worked together at Grantland and now at The Ringer, the site that was founded by Simmons. While I didn’t read much of his early stuff as the ‘Boston Sports Guys’ I have read plenty of Simmons’ work when he had his page 2 column on ESPN (which is still available) and I have always wanted to be just as good as he is.


Instead of concentrating on the ‘now’ I have always dreamt of what my future success would look like. Because of this I have jumped around wanting to different things in my sports journalism career, even though I am still currently doing my degree (almost done). One thing that I would love to do down the road is start my own website, at first I wanted it to be only sports, but since pop culture has always been something I’ve been knowledgeable about. Also there are not many Australian sites that I know of that are exclusively sport and pop culture sites (if you know of any comment with a link) that are not part of news sites.


But as always I am getting way ahead of myself here, I still have a loooooong way to go before I can do anything like that but isn’t it nice to dream!


Until next time peeps, take care.



Why I’m considering the Carnivore Diet

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One Wednesday night in 2018, I was invited out to have a few drinks with some friends from work. This was a big deal for us, we had all spoken about going for a drink but due to usually working at the same time we had never been able to have a relaxing beer. It was such a great night which reinforced something that I already knew, I worked with some truly great blokes.


After staying longer than I should of (one guy in group had an amazing night, winning on everything from the greyhounds to Keno to the pokies) It was around 2 in the morning I started to get a sharp pain in abdomen and had to leave abruptly. By the time I got home the pain wasn’t too bad and I thought that it would be gone when I got up later in the morning (or afternoon as I’m a bit of a night owl), this was not the case. After an hour of sleep, I woke in excruciating pain and had to run to the bathroom sink to be sick as I wouldn’t have made it to the toilet in time.


When I woke up later in the day I didn’t think much about it, I put the pains down to mixing drinks and possibly from having a couple of smokes as well. Over the next couple of weeks I started to notice a few things with my body that hadn’t happened before, things like breaking out in a rash on forearms, unusual bowl movements, dry mouth and lips, also the pain that had started that Wednesday night would come and go and would be just as excruciating. For at least three months I assumed that it all would just stop but after struggling for 3 months I thought it was time to go to the doctors.


I have always tried putting off going to the doctors, there have been a few times when after an initial visit with a doctor I’ve had to get a second opinion, this time around the same thing happened. The doctor told me that it was just down to my schedule as a shift worker but that he would send me off to get some blood tests done to see if I was coeliac. When I went back to get the results, they were unfortunately negative, so the doctor repeated what he said about being a shift worker and to fix my dry mouth and lips with plenty of water and Vaseline. While it wasn’t the diagnosis that I wanted, I thought to myself ‘he’s the doctor, he knows best’ and ‘It’s all probably all in my head’.


After about six months my symptoms didn’t go away, even when eliminating certain things from my diet. I had also picked up another symptom, brain fog to go along with all the rest of the fun stuff I had. I had decided that it was time to get back to get a second opinion and this doctor was a big help! He told me that a blood test isn’t always accurate and the best way to find out the problem is with an endoscopy/colonoscopy. I left feeling very relieved that I could soon be finding out what the problem was however, nine months later I’m still stuck on a waiting list for my procedures.


I will admit I’ve never been one to stick to a proper diet, as kid I always tried to con mum into getting some form of takeaway and as soon as I was earning money with my first job I was always buying McDonalds or KFC but I thought for my health I would give a diet a try. After searching for suitable diets I decided keto would be the way to go so I brought a cook book and thought it would be easy to do especially if it was for my health, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be and I had a hard time of trying to make some of the dishes with my work and uni schedule. The keto experiment was over before it even really begun and now some of my symptoms have gotten worse, especially the brain fog.


I’m pretty sure that I’ve been living under a rock for a few years as the first time that I had heard about the carnivore diet was last month when Fox Sports ran an article on rugby star Quade Cooper. Since reading that article I’ve done some research into the diet and I know that not many people think that it is a good idea, but at the moment I feel that it may be my best chance to possibly going back to normal.

Could Quade Cooper’s diet help fix my stomach issues? (Source Rugby.com YouTube)

Thanks for reading blog number four peeps and until next time, take care!



How I f@#ked up my return to MMA writing

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Hey peeps and welcome to blog number three. I’m happy that I am keeping to my and that I have been able to do three blog posts in a row, I know that I should be easy, but I have struggled for consistency in the past and doing three blog posts in a row is a big deal for me.


Today’s blog post is about how I fucked up my chance to become an MMA writer and get paid for it. Being an MMA writer is something I still aspire to; it was the reason I moved to Canberra to do a sports media degree. While I was


How I got into MMA writing

At first, I was never looking to get into writing about MMA but after an old injury resurfaced I had to take some time off from Jiu-Jitsu training and I found myself with a bit extra free time. I kept watching MMA but started to break down some of the fights as I was going, I also read a lot of MMA news and would go on the forums. After reading some of the previews for UFC cards I thought to myself “I can do that just as well as that person’ so I jumped on the computer and started up my first blog.


Back then (it was about 09/10) I started out on Blogger and called myself ‘That Jiu-Jitsu Guy’ since my base was Jiu-Jitsu. As good as a name as I thought that was, it unfortunately other people didn’t think so and it didn’t take off. I also was having some trouble with the Blogger dashboard or so I thought, it later turned out to be an internet issue, but by that stage I had decided to leave Blogger and give WordPress a try since I had found out from a friend that it was more user friendly.


The birth of ‘The Fight Writer’

Since ‘That Jiu-Jitsu Guy’ didn’t take off I decided that a name change would be in order, especially now that I was enjoying writing and thought I could possibly do something with it. It took me a while to come up with a name for my blog, a lot of good ones were taken and I didn’t want to be another that just put MMA at the end of his name though I would be a liar if I say that I didn’t consider doing that (I still think about adding it on), in the end I came up with ‘The Fight Writer’.


After getting my writing out there through social media, I started to get offers to write for some websites after they had read my previews. After a few years of writing for smaller sites, I wanted to work for sites such as MMA Fighting, Bloody Elbow, MMA Junkie or MiddleEasy and travel the world sitting at cage side. When I decided to go university, my MMA writing dropped off and in the end I decided to concentrate on uni (also it was hard to watch much UFC when most days I was working when pay per views on).




How I blew it

After not doing much of any type of writing I decided that it was time to get back into it, I noticed that Fansided MMA were looking for writers and the best part was that you could get paid for it. After being excited and looking forward to writing my first article however that article would never come. As I always do, I would let work (while I enjoy hospitality it isn’t my passion) and uni get in the way. As always I had fucked my chance.


Holding out for hope

After the forced lay off due to COVID-19, I started to watch some old UFC fights and I stared to get excited and thought that I still love MMA and that I very much want to start writing about combat sports again. The only question left now, does anyone want to hire me?


Until next time peeps, take care.



Back to Normal


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Hey everyone and welcome to blog number two! Thank you to the one person who viewed yesterday’s blog, I really appreciate it.


I have been trying to work out what to write for today and I have decided to keep it simple instead of trying to dive into something that is really deep and profound. These blogs are all about me trying to find my groove and becoming a better writer and possibly an editor, and any comments will greatly appreciate to help me improve.


Today I’m writing about how things for me will be (kind of) going back to normal from next week and why I’m a bit nervous about it. With restrictions easing in the ACT to allow more people to dine in at restaurants and go to pubs, the club that I work at is opening up next weekend. While almost all of my work mates are looking forward to going back, my anxiety levels have gone through the roof and I am in two minds at going back.


Before COVID-19 happened I was ready to throw things in, hospitality was starting to get too much especially when the majority of my shifts were the 6-4:30am turning me into the zombie that I currently am. I was also getting kind of fed up with the way some people were speaking and treating me, and I was looking at trying to get out of there even though it is the best job for me at moment while I am completing my studies.

How I feel after doing a few night shifts in a row. (Credit Giphy.com)

When the restrictions came in I first thought to myself that this was the break that I needed, but the break has done nothing for my mental health and due to some health issues I am still continuing my bad habits. While I had been dreading the email that we would be returning to work maybe going back to somewhat normal is just what I need and who knows maybe I will go back enjoying hospitality like I once did.


That’s all from me tonight peeps, thanks for reading and enjoy your Friday night whatever you are doing.


Until next time, take care.



Don’t call it a Comeback….. Actually, that’s exactly what it is


It has been a while between blog posts for me, the last one I wrote was way back in August 2018 and well, I think that it’s time to start again.


Before the world shut down I had just started writing for a rugby league website called Nothing But League, covering Sydney Roosters games. I was pretty excited for this as I needed to add to my resume for when I go for an internship next year. I was happy with the first few articles that I had done, and I was starting to get back into the groove of writing again however, things were cut short when all sport was cancelled.


I didn’t achieve much since going into isolation and not having a job to go to (I work in hospitality), well I did binge Community, Scrubs and The Wire, as well as finishing the university semester with some decent marks so it wasn’t a complete waste. I did have plenty of ideas for YouTube videos and Podcasts, but I was afraid to put anything out.


So, the goal for I am setting for myself is to a blog post a day and I’m not going to just limit it sports, I have some knowledge of pop culture so I will branch into that as well. The goal for me, after umming and ahing for so long is to become a writer and possibly an editor and writing more will help. Now I’m not discounting doing anything else, but I feel like that is a good place to start.


Thanks for taking the time to read peeps and until next time, take care.




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