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Hey everyone and welcome to blog number two! Thank you to the one person who viewed yesterday’s blog, I really appreciate it.


I have been trying to work out what to write for today and I have decided to keep it simple instead of trying to dive into something that is really deep and profound. These blogs are all about me trying to find my groove and becoming a better writer and possibly an editor, and any comments will greatly appreciate to help me improve.


Today I’m writing about how things for me will be (kind of) going back to normal from next week and why I’m a bit nervous about it. With restrictions easing in the ACT to allow more people to dine in at restaurants and go to pubs, the club that I work at is opening up next weekend. While almost all of my work mates are looking forward to going back, my anxiety levels have gone through the roof and I am in two minds at going back.


Before COVID-19 happened I was ready to throw things in, hospitality was starting to get too much especially when the majority of my shifts were the 6-4:30am turning me into the zombie that I currently am. I was also getting kind of fed up with the way some people were speaking and treating me, and I was looking at trying to get out of there even though it is the best job for me at moment while I am completing my studies.

How I feel after doing a few night shifts in a row. (Credit

When the restrictions came in I first thought to myself that this was the break that I needed, but the break has done nothing for my mental health and due to some health issues I am still continuing my bad habits. While I had been dreading the email that we would be returning to work maybe going back to somewhat normal is just what I need and who knows maybe I will go back enjoying hospitality like I once did.


That’s all from me tonight peeps, thanks for reading and enjoy your Friday night whatever you are doing.


Until next time, take care.



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