Don’t call it a Comeback….. Actually, that’s exactly what it is


It has been a while between blog posts for me, the last one I wrote was way back in August 2018 and well, I think that it’s time to start again.


Before the world shut down I had just started writing for a rugby league website called Nothing But League, covering Sydney Roosters games. I was pretty excited for this as I needed to add to my resume for when I go for an internship next year. I was happy with the first few articles that I had done, and I was starting to get back into the groove of writing again however, things were cut short when all sport was cancelled.


I didn’t achieve much since going into isolation and not having a job to go to (I work in hospitality), well I did binge Community, Scrubs and The Wire, as well as finishing the university semester with some decent marks so it wasn’t a complete waste. I did have plenty of ideas for YouTube videos and Podcasts, but I was afraid to put anything out.


So, the goal for I am setting for myself is to a blog post a day and I’m not going to just limit it sports, I have some knowledge of pop culture so I will branch into that as well. The goal for me, after umming and ahing for so long is to become a writer and possibly an editor and writing more will help. Now I’m not discounting doing anything else, but I feel like that is a good place to start.


Thanks for taking the time to read peeps and until next time, take care.




Main photo credit Pexels.

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