Wanting to be the Aussie Bill Simmons

One journalist I look up to is Bill Simmons. (Photo Credit Variety.com)

I often set loft goal and have high expectations for myself, what can I say I am a dreamer. Over the years I have wanted to be some many things in my life, from a pro wrestler to an MMA fighter to an actor (my dream was crushed in year 10 when I missed out on a part in lunch time play). As I have touched on a few time on this blog, I got into writing during an injury and things took off me leading me to wanting a career in sports journalism and as always I have set myself some lofty expectations.


Two of my favourite sports writers in the world at the moment are Bill Simmons and Shea Serrano, who funnily enough have worked together at Grantland and now at The Ringer, the site that was founded by Simmons. While I didn’t read much of his early stuff as the ‘Boston Sports Guys’ I have read plenty of Simmons’ work when he had his page 2 column on ESPN (which is still available) and I have always wanted to be just as good as he is.


Instead of concentrating on the ‘now’ I have always dreamt of what my future success would look like. Because of this I have jumped around wanting to different things in my sports journalism career, even though I am still currently doing my degree (almost done). One thing that I would love to do down the road is start my own website, at first I wanted it to be only sports, but since pop culture has always been something I’ve been knowledgeable about. Also there are not many Australian sites that I know of that are exclusively sport and pop culture sites (if you know of any comment with a link) that are not part of news sites.


But as always I am getting way ahead of myself here, I still have a loooooong way to go before I can do anything like that but isn’t it nice to dream!


Until next time peeps, take care.



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