Day 20: What Makes Me Happy

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I have made it to day 20. Welcome back again, loyal and valued reader; you must be a glutton for punishment. Today’s post is all about what makes me happy.

Yesterday I told you what movie makes me happy (even though it was meant to be my fav movie). Today I will add what makes me happy. Here are the six things that make me happy:

  • Music

Nothing soothes the soul as music can. Have you had a bad day? Put on your favourite playlist. Need some motivation at the gym? There’s a playlist to help you through it. Just get dumped by the love of your life? There are some songs to help you pull through. Some days, my favourite song will also help me get to sleep. The world would be an ordinary place without it.


  • Family

They may drive you mad sometimes, and some days you can go hours without talking. But nothing makes me happier than my family; they are also there when I need them.


  • Sport

It doesn’t matter if it’s rugby league, Mixed Martial Arts or the NBA; I love sports. Watching your team play can be stressful at times, and when they go through a rough patch, you flirt with the idea of changing to a different team, but you never abandon them. Playing sports for most of my life was also a good distraction if I had a terrible day at work.


  • Exercise

I do have a love/hate relationship with exercise. But nothing beats having a good workout. Though I always feel tired or have a diverticular flare-up (it can be painful), I have been trying to still get some exercise in. Next week, when I get my home gym set up, I will be working out regularly and hopefully lose my fat gut.


  • Reading

There is nothing like getting lost in a good book. I have always been a reader and used to get excited at school when the scholastic book fair. While I don’t read as much as I used to, I am hoping to start reading more, as it will help me with the next thing that makes me happy.


  • Writing

The final thing that makes me happy is, of course, writing. I have learnt so much since I decided to start blogging, leading me to university and where I happen to be right now. As I have mentioned, the goal is to write a novel, and I have some excellent ideas for stories, one of which I have already started.


Well, there are only ten days left of the challenge hope you’re enjoying it. If there is anything that I can improve on, let me know.


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