Blogging Challenge

Back in 202, I wrote six posts in six days. Right around that time, saw a 30 day blooging challenge and thought I would do it. You can probably guess that I didn’t make it to dasy 30.

This week, I have managed to write three posts in three days. The first one was about being a New York Sports fan. Last night’s post was written because I forgot to include the Buffalo Bills in that first post, I didn’t want to be scorned by one of their fans so I fixed up the mistake.

I have always enjoyed writing, and I have managed to do more of it this year. Although there have been some days where I just Haven’t felt like it. Today I have decided to revisit the 30 day blogging challenge idea, and I’ve found a template I can work from as well. Some days it may be two posts a day, depending on if I want to do some MMA writing (or some other sport and pop culture articles).

The photo I below is the template I will work from, starting with reason behind my blog’s name.

Photo Credit: Live, Love, Simple

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