Do You Even Pop Culture: Movie and TV Trailers.

Welcome to the first blog in the new ‘Do You Even Pop Culture?’ series. If you’re new to my site, welcome! My name is Josh Mercer, but you can call me Merce.

I’ve decided to kick it off by talking about movies and TV (or Streaming) trailers. I got the idea for this after the recent release of the Obu Won-Kenobi teaser trailer. During a recent zoom meeting with the rest of my colleagues the day of the trailer’s release, we geeked out over it very hard.

Later on in the day, after I had finished work, I started to think about all the other trailers I have reacted over the same way over the last few years. I also started thinking about how much of an event it is these days. As a kid growing up in the 90s, we would be lucky to catch a movie trailer on TV, and we would see them before other movies at the cinema. And other than ads for new shows, there was minimal excitement for them.

That has changed today. With the rise of streaming and prestige TV, we all hang out for the teaser trailer. At times, the trailer’s release garners just as much attention as the opening night of a movie or episode one of a show.

Social media is one of the reasons why this has happened. Through the wonders of YouTube, people worldwide can watch the new trailer a studio releases. We don’t need to be home at a particular time to watch it on TV; we can watch it on our phones, tablets and desktops at work, on the bus or in school.

The other reason is the rise of fandoms. Fandoms have always been around, but over the last ten years, they have gone to another level. These die-hards are the ones that make or break a movie or TV show. And by blowing them away with a great trailer, they will be sure that they watch, even if the movie or show is terrible.

I like how even the trailer has become a big deal as it holds us over until the actual movie or show comes.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Obi Won-Kenobi, here it is:

Thank you for taking the time to read my new post.

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