30 Day Blogging Challenge Day One

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Last night I decided to do a 30-day blogging challenge; well, day one has arrived. And kicking it off is ‘My Blog’s Name.’

There is a bit of a story behind the current name. My site has gone through a few different names. I have also wanted to start another blogging site under a pseudonym, that one I won’t reveal to you guys because it might still happen.

I’ll start from the beginning:


I started blogging under the name ‘That Jiu Jitsu Guy.’ I had been training in BJJ for a couple of years, and an injury put me on the sideline. I thought the best use of my time away from the mats was to start writing; I didn’t know it would lead me on the path I am currently on.

After having some difficulties with Blogger, I moved to WordPress and changed the name to ‘The Fight Writer.’ I did a lot better with this site, especially after joining Twitter. I was lucky enough to have done some fantastic things I’ve mentioned before, and I feel like I may bore some people again.

While I was at university, I only wrote sporadically. Soon, it got to the point that I stopped altogether. When I took some time off from my degree, I decided it was time that get back into writing. By this stage, I had determined that I didn’t want my blog to be about MMA; I wanted to expand. I started reading more of Bill Simmons’s new website, The Ringer. I had always loved pop culture as much as sports so the new site would have a bit of everything.

The next step was to choose a name. I tried to be innovative and thought that a good idea would be to make an anagram of sports and pop culture; that experiment didn’t work.

After being out one, I had a fair bit to drink. I was single then and was hoping to meet ‘The One’ (I was not going to meet her being drunk). Anyway, I realised in my drunkenness that I was ‘Just Josh’ and no one special.

After remembering how I felt the night before, I thought that Just Josh would be a good name for a new site. I hopped on to WordPress and attempted to change the name, and unfortunately, that name was taken.

A few weeks later, I got an idea. For most of my life, my nickname has been Merce, so I thought ‘why not call it “Just Merce’. I checked to make sure that name was available, and lucky enough, it was.

That’s how my blog got its name. Sorry it took so long, but hopefully, you enjoyed it.

See you tomorrow for day two.





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