Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

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Day two of the Blogging Challenge has arrived! This one is hard; I can come up with ten facts, but I will try and get to 20. Here we go:

  1. My middle name is Paul.
  2. I was born in April, which makes me an Aries.
  3. I have a sister 19 years younger than me.
  4. I have a daughter who is seven years old and is my world.
  5. My mum got me into rugby league to help with my coordination, and I fell in love with the game.
  6. Keeping with the Rugby League theme, I was lucky to play first grade at 17 for my local club.
  7. I’m a butcher by trade, and I was terrible at it.
  8. I nearly cut my thumb off on a bandsaw; I have three screws in it.
  9. My dream as a kid was to move to America and be an actor (I’m terrible at acting).
  10. I love 90s and 00s hip hop.
  11. I have always wanted to live and work in New York.
  12. I always wanted to be a cartoonist but I am a terrible drawer.
  13. I love combat sports, especially MMA.
  14. Mac and cheese is my favourite comfort food.
  15. I sent in an audition tape for an MTV VJ search in 2007.
  16. I like trashy reality shows like Bachelorette and The Hills.
  17. My favourite drink is scotch; my least favourite is Midori.
  18. I wanted to be a professional wrestler in the mid-2000s and was prepared to move to Canada to pursue it.
  19. I thought the lyrics to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ song ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ was ‘Beakers, Small Fry.’
  20.  My current dream is to write a novel.

Well, there you have it, 20 facts about me; it was easier than I thought until I got to 20.

See you tomorrow for day three.

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