Day 14: Three Healthy Habits.

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Today’s blog is going to be a short one; sorry in advance. I am also trying to knock it over pretty quickly, as my girlfriend and I are going out for dinner.

Anyway, today’s theme is three healthy habits. I’m reading this as three healthy habits that I do. As I said, this will be a short post because I’m still trying to stop my unhealthy habits. Oh well, here it goes.


  1. Exercise
Collage of a group of fit people in sportswear smiling while doing different exercises together in a gym with an overlay of the word exercise

At the moment, I am doing minimal activity. I had started using our treadmill once we got it set up, but then I broke it. That sucked because I was working on consistency and feeling good about myself. But then Ol Fatty McMerce had to break it.

I have been doing plenty of walking now, which is good, but it’s not enough. I need to get back to proper workouts. As much as I would like to join a gym again, I think I will have a home gym this time. I bought plenty of dumbbells during COVID, and we now have room.


2. Nutrition

Foods for a healthy Heart. Diet eating concept

I know for a fact that my crappy diet has led to me getting Diverticular Disease. It has only been in the last six years that I have tried to get my eating under control.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been cooking chicken and broccoli for lunches, and I have also been having some sweet potato soup from the supermarket. It’s suitable for your digestive system, and I need to take better care of it because it’s in an ordinary state.

The good thing about living in Broken Hill is that the delivery options are limited. There is no Uber Eats, no Deliveroo, only Menulog, and the only restaurant on that is Mcdonald’s, so we now cook more than we used to.

3. Drinking Water

Pouring Water from the bottle into a glass on blue background

In all honesty, I do need to drink more water some days. But I do drink a fair bit of it. Especially since I live in Far West NSW, it gets to over 40 degrees celsius in the summer. I was also told not to drink Water from the tap. There is nothing like refreshing water on a hot day or after you’ve done some hard work.

The day 14 blog is now in the book, peeps. Thank you to my loyal fanbase (my girlfriend, auntie, and a good friend) for reading my blogging journey. I will add another Men’s Health Gym and Fridge video for you to enjoy.

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