Day 13: What’s In My Fridge

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Day 13 of the blogging challenge is here, and it’s what’s in my fridge. I was going to do a vlog as I thought that would be the best way to see what’s in there, but I have to be up early for work in the morning and was running out of time to do one. Instead, I took some pictures.

So loyal followers, here is what’s in my fridge.

So here is my fridge, a double-door Lemair fridge.

It, unfortunately, has a terrible energy rating. Anyway, here is what’s in it.

For the top self, we have some Coke, No Sugar, No Caffeine, and some Schweppes Agrum Blood Orange, a delicious soft drink. We also have some bottles of water. When I moved to Broken Hill, I was told not to drink the tap water, so we get Woolworth’s bottles of water.

My girlfriend got us some Vegetable Spring Rolls, something we haven’t had for a long time. I also have some sweet potato soup, which I got because it’s good for your stomach. For those that may not know, I have Diverticular Disease, and I’m meant to have high-fibre foods. This soup is the best, and I highly recommend it.

We also have some Pinot Gris wine and some lemon juice.

On the second shelf is a slow-cooked brisket I decided to get at the shops yesterday. A couple of years ago, I tried a carnivore diet, and the Brisket was a staple.

We also have some bacon, eggs, cheese, and beer. The beer is Furphy Lager; I had only drunk Furphy Ale before and thought it was time to try the Lager. There are also some Bega cheese slices. Like most people, we love cheese, and I buy Bega because of my old workmate Robbie Ringland. So a shout-out to Robbie; if you’re reading this, let’s have beers the next time I’m in Canberra.

We see some dog food on the third shelf, including dog yoghurt, which I didn’t know you could get, some chicken mince, and a meat and vegetable loaf. Moving on to human food, there is some shredded cheese pork mince, which I mix with herbs and spices to make some burger patties.

Underneath the pork mince are chicken thigh fillets, which I cook up with broccoli. I have only just started doing that, hoping to get into some good habits. Also, there are some carrots; I make Balsamic Roasted Carrots, which are suitable to eat after having a diverticular flare-up.

In the first drawer, under the third shelf, is a packet of 12 chicken schnitzels; I hadn’t had schnitzels in a while. There is also some sour cream because we will also have tacos this week.

In the bottom drawer are two bags of beef ravioli and some pasta sauce—also, a bag of lettuce for the tacos.

There are many different things in the door: some BBQ and Siracha sauce, some hommus, and some butter. There is also some raspberry jam, thickened cream promite and honey.

On the next two-door shelves are more sauces, some tomato, BBQ, soy, American mild and dijon mustard. I forgot to mention the Heinz burger sauce earlier, and it’s so good.

Since I have an ordinary stomach, we get lactose-free milk. There is some minced garlic that my girlfriend and I like to cook with, and I have a jar of pickles because I have to have spots on my homemade cheeseburgers.

Hiding in the corner is a bottle of aloe vera spray; I am pretty pale, and Broken Hill gets over 40 degrees celsius, so the spray comes in handy when I get sunburnt.

I say this every time but thank you for reading today’s blog. Finally, I will link to Men’s health home gym and what’s in your fridge series. Take care, peeps.

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