Day 6: What I’m Afraid of

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Day six and still going strong! Today’s blogging challenge is ‘What Are You Afraid of’ and thinking about this one, I thought it was going to be easy to sit down and write about what scares me but then I sat down at my computer, I was blank for a while.

I might have also been distracted, I have been watching 30 Rock and I was wondering how I got though season five so quickly. Anyway, I’m getting distracted again.

If you asked 10 year old Josh what he was afraid of, he would have said Candyman. It was a terrifying movie that I have only watched once since. But as you, the reader know, Adulthood (or Adulting as us Millennials like too say) is full of much scarier things.

If you’re a fan of sports movies, then you have probably seen The Replacements. If you haven’t seen, It’s about the Washington Sentinels, an American football team that has been hit with a player strike. Incoming coach Jimmy Mcginty picks a rag tag group of misfits to win the last four ga,es and get the team into the playoffs.

In one scene, McGinty asks his team what do they fear. After some obvious answers (like Spiders), quarterback Shane Falco (played by Keanu Reeves) says quicksand. However, it’s not the scary sand that you sink in, it has more to do with trying to get yourself out of trouble. I think that Falco can explain a bit better.

Back in 2015, I watched for the first time in years. At the time, it really hit home for me. It seemed that no matter what I had done that year, everytime that I tried to dig myself out I would get in over my head. Just like quicksand, It felt like I would never get out. I did in end, but every now and then I do feel like my foot gets stuck, but now I do have the tools to get out.

Hopefully I’m not boring you, and if I’m not I will see you for day seven.

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