Day 5: My Proudest Moment

Photo Credit: Live, Love, Simple

I knew that a hard one would pop up. Welcome to day five, peeps, and it is my proudest moment. This blog might be short because my proudest moment is becoming a dad.

I have been lucky enough to do some incredible things. Playing first-grade footy before 18 was a highlight of my early years, and a highlight of the last year was finally getting my uni degree.

I won’t go into too much, but becoming a dad was the best thing in the world. Words can not describe it. She was born in 2015, which makes her 7, but unfortunately, I live across the other side of the state from her.

Sorry to cut the post short, peeps. This one was hard to do. Anyway, take care.

I’m finishing this blog with Mariah Carey’s we belong together because it’s awesome!


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