Day 4: My Dream Job

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I’ve made it to day four of the blogging challenge.  Today’s blog post is one I have been looking forward to since deciding to do the challenge. My dream job is easy; the hard part is where I want to work.

Writing is what I want to do for the rest of my working life. I always enjoyed writing when I was younger, though I never thought I could make it a career, mainly because I wasn’t good at it. I struggled at school for years with English; I didn’t use paragraphs when I wrote and made all kinds of mistakes. It wasn’t until after school that I learnt how to write correctly.

As for who my dream job is with, that part is a little tricky. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you would know that my goal was to be an MMA journalist. I still want that, but I would also be happy writing about other sports and pop culture.

The ultimate goal is to write and produce podcasts for The Ringer. For those that don’t know what The Ringer is, it’s a sports and pop culture website that former ESPN journalist Bill Simmons started. I was turned onto Simmons when he was in charge of the ESPN-run Grantland. After he and ESPN couldn’t come to a new deal, he left to start his site (which includes a podcast network). In 2020, Spotify paid $250 million for the site.

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It would be a dream come true to work for Simmons and the rest of the writers and crew (if by some chance he is reading this, Hi Bill), but if not, I would like to be the editor-in-chief of my site and podcast network as well as writing a novel or two before I die.

And that’s day four done, peeps. Also, if Bill Simmons is reading this, hire me!

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