Do You Even Pop Culture: Better Call Saul Mid-Season Review

Warning: This article has spoilers for season six of Better Call Saul. 

Tonight the midseason finale for Better call Saul aired in Australia. I don’t understand why a season with 13 episodes has to have a break, but I don’t know the TV and streaming services schedule overseas.

Even though I did have a whinge about the schedule, I am glad they took a break—anything to drag this season out a bit. I love this show and have enjoyed Vince Gilligan’s storytelling, and I am enjoying it more than Breaking Bad, but maybe it’s because I’m enjoying it in real time. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed Breaking Bad and still rave about it as I rave about The Wire, but seeing the extra layers of Saul Goodman and why he became the ‘criminal lawyer’ is a work of art.

The finale didn’t disappoint. There is one shocking moment that I will get to in a minute. Jimmy’s transition into Saul is pretty much complete. He is in his own office, and Francesca has returned to be his receptionist, although it doesn’t look like the same office as Breaking Bad just yet.

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Lalo Salamanca (played by Tony Dalton, pictured above) is closer to Gus Fring’s secret meth lab. For a while, Gus did assume that he had killed Lalo but later found out that he was still alive. Since we don’t see him in Breaking Bad, we can assume that he is unsuccessful in uncovering the secret lab. Still, the lead up to what may be his demise is storytelling at its best.

The plan that he and Kim have concocted to get back at Howard Hamlin and end the Sandpiper settlement came to a head in this episode. After getting the case settled early, Howard shows up to confront Jimmy and Kim; unfortunately, it’s something he should not have. I felt sympathetic for his character in the last episode, and after Lalo shoots him point-blank in the head, shockwaves were sent through my body.

The only thing that we have not found out yet is what Jimmy’s new identity Gene Takavic is doing. When we last saw him, he was compromised, but he did say he would take care of it himself. Maybe Gene gets an episode at the end of the season, but we have to wait until then.

Season Rating So Far: A+. 


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