Is Eddie Alvarez UFC or Strikeforce bound?

Last week I was getting ready for the UFC on Fox and doing the usual getting on the websites looking at the pre fight interviews. I was checking out Middle (be sure to go to their site its a good one) I came across a video of former Bellator Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez and it wasn’t until after I watched it that I thought to myself what the hell is Alvarez doing at the UFC open workouts? Well after a bit of searching around the net for answers it turns out that, Mr Alvarez is training for his bout with Japanese submission ace Shinya Aoki at Rashad’s camp the Blackzilians in Florida.

Now this I think is quite the development , why you ask? Well Eddie was at one satge training with UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, and I am sure that with being Bellator Champion at the time helped with his decision not to go over to the UFC  and have to face his then training partner. This was also at a time when ZUFFA had not yet purchased Stikeforce and beside a re-match with Aoki it seemed that a fight with Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez made the most sense to see who the best Lightweights outside of UFC were. So at the time there seemed to be some big fights for the Bellator Lightweight Champion but then ZUFFA bought Strikeforce and the hopes of getting a match with Melendez went out the window.

Now after losing his title to Micael Chandler, Eddie has decided not to go through the Bellator Lightweight tournament and just focus on big fights like the Aoki one, now outside of Strikeforce and the UFC their really aren’t any big fights for him. If he is either signed to Strikeforce or the UFC  I am sure that we will see some pretty entertaining fights as well as Eddie Alvarez proving that he is definetly a top 10 (maybe even 5) Lightweight.
Below is the interview with Middle easy and also his epic fight with Chandler


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