Day 27: What’s In My Closet

Photo Credit: Live, Love, Simple

Like with the what’s in your fridge, I wanted to do a vlog for today’s post. Unfortunately, I had to go and cover something this afternoon/evening, so I ran out of time. So pictures will have to do.

Here is what’s in. my closet:

Because my girlfriend and I have so many clothes, I also use closet space in the spare bedroom. The last two doors of the bedroom closet are mine. I keep my suits in there for work, and also my work shirts. I also keep some jumpers and one of my bomber jackets, which is the top photo.

The next photo is the bottom two shelves in the spare room. This is where I keep my shorts and t-shirts. I mainly have some basketball shorts because of how comfortable they are, and some good shorts that I can wear if I go somewhere in summer.

The majority of my t-shirts on this shelf are just plain v-neck and crew neck ones that I got from cotton on and Connor men’s wear. I got them because I wasn’t sure about wearing t-shirts with logos when I wanted to do vlogs, and I bought so many of them.

Hanging up are some shirts I brought towards the end of last year. I got them because I thought I would get a public service job, and these shirts go well with any nice dress pants. I also have a couple of casual button-up shirts.

The top two shelves are for my pyjamas, some onesies, and thermals. Nothing too exciting.

And to finish it off, I have a Culture Kings bathrobe hanging up here. I love Culture Kings stuff, and when the chance to get one of the robes came up, I jumped at it.


There are also some bomber jackets as well. I’m a big fan of bomber jackets and varsity jackets, so I own a few. That’s all I have in my closet now; the rest of my clothes are still packed in bags.

I will finish this post with one of my favourite episodes of Cribs with T-Pain.

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