Day 26: My Hidden Talent

Photo Credit: Live, Love, Simple

Well shit, this is a hard one. I am not a very talented individual; if I were, I would do something unique with said talent, like going on Australia’s Got Talent.

I was trying to think about what I could do, and at first, the only thing that came to mind was twirling a pen between my fingers.


But that’s an ordinary one. So, I thought about it for a bit and remembered that I’m a decent cook. I’m no five-star chef and won’t be going on Masterchef anytime soon, but I go alright in the kitchen.


Though I have thought about doing some food videos and blogs on social media, I might do that at some stage.

As for the dishes that I’m good at making, homemade mac and cheese, and I prefer making the cheese sauce as much as the old Kraft mac and cheese brings back some good memories.

The other dish that has become a specialty is my beef brisket. It was one of my favourite things to eat for years, and once I tried cooking it, I realised that people (well, me and my girlfriend) like it. And it goes perfectly with mac and cheese for winter comfort food.

To finish this blog with a video of the ‘Mayor of Flavourtown’ himself, Guy Fieri.



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