Day 24: What Attracts Me In Love

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I will do my best to make this post a decent length, but honestly, it’s easy to tell you what attracts me. I’m aiming for 200 words, so here we go.

I have noticed one thing in the women I dated (well, not all of them), they are all intelligent.


But they have all had some areas in which they have excelled. Some have been book smart, and some have been street smart. I have only one that I look back at and think, ‘why did I Date her?’ While she is pretty clever, she isn’t on the level of some of the women I have dated. My current girlfriend is brilliant, she doesn’t have a uni degree, but she never needed one to excel in life.

I’ll be a little superficial here and say the other thing that attracts me is a woman with lovely eyes.


They are the first thing I notice when first meeting someone. I don’t know why; it’s something that I have been drawn to since I started noticing women.

Keeping on the superficial side, I seem more attracted to brunettes than any other hair colour. Or women with darker colour hair. However, I have dated more blondes.


I have always found accents attractive, and I have never dated a woman with an accent, but I have always wanted to. Before I met my current girlfriend, I had my heart; I won’t say broken; it was stomped on. I told myself that my next girlfriend would have an accent. I don’t know why I said that; I think it was because a part of me wanted to pick up and move to another country. Anyway, that didn’t happen.


Finally, the other thing that I find attractive is someone that can have a bit of a laugh. I like a woman who has a sense of humour and can joke with me from time to time.


Well, I made it 300 words. I didn’t think I would get there. Thanks for joining me again for another day of the blogging challenge, and don’t worry; it’s almost over.

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