Day 30: My Hopes For My Blog

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I have made it to the final day of the blogging challenge. It has been a lot of fun and something I have enjoyed. As I have mentioned once or twice, blogging is where I started, and I am keen to continue doing it while expanding my site.

While it will have to be done as my side hustle, I have shown that I can stick to something, which was the point of me doing this challenge.

I do have high hopes for my site. It started as an MMA blog, and I will continue writing about it. Now that I have gotten back into watching the fights, I so keen to do more and become an MMA journalist.

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I will be adding pop culture posts as well. I have a lot of useless pop culture facts in my brain, and I want to write more of that as well. I also watch many TV shows, and through the magic of streaming, there are plenty of old shows that I can catch up and a lot of them I would like to write about.

I will also expand into podcasting; it’s something I have wanted to do for a long time. Also, I am pretty good at editing audio and enjoy it. I have plenty of ideas for podcasts, and it’s just a matter of finding the time to get them done.


Finally, I want to start using YouTube more. I have changed there that’s not getting used. I have wanted to do some fitness videos for a while, and now that my home gym is coming together, I think now might be the time.

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