Day 18: A Photograph of myself.

Photo Credit: Live, Love, Simple

Buckle in, loyal reader; today’s post will be short and, let’s say, short. I don’t see myself as a very photogenic guy, and I usually feel more at home behind the camera. Except for when I take a selfie, I suck at taking them. How do I know? When I was on dating apps and had to upload selfies, I was always told that I looked better in person than in the photos.

Anyway, here is the photo that I’m going with:

I forgot this photo existed until I stumbled across it on WordPress, and I have no idea why I may have uploaded it here.

This photo I’m pretty sure was taken in 2010, at an ex-girlfriend’s friends wedding. I was pretty happy here, things were simple. I hadn’t yet gone through some of the hard relationship stuff I would eventually go through. I had been working a job that I didn’t like and I was bullied there as well. Whle I don’t miss the place where I worked, I days that are simple like this.

I’ll leave it there, peeps, as it’s getting late and I’m already stressed about tomorrow. Take care, and I’ll finish with a music video to a song that makes me happy.

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