My Greatest Asset is also my biggest weakness

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Back in 2011 I had to take a break from training BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) due to injury; to keep my mind occupied during my lay off I decided to start blogging. Writing has always been something that I have loved, it had always been hard to get my feelings across in verbally but I never had a problem writing them down.


Getting my writing career under way I started out first by using blogger and it was quite easy to use, before long I decided to move over to WordPress and I found it even easier to use. I decided to call myself ‘The Fight Writer’ as I was writing about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I started to link my writing on Facebook for my friends to see and I was getting good feedback from friends there but I wanted to reach a bigger audience. Keeping up with MMA sites and blogs I saw that Twitter was a very useful tool, everyone from MMA journalists to fighters to even the UFC president Dana White so it really was a no brainer to sign up.


After signing up to Twitter I discovered a whole new world, a world where I could talk fellow fans, see the breaking news from my favourite MMA sites and also interact with the fighters I looked up too. It was on Twitter where I was got my first writing gig and then another one soon followed; before I knew it I was sitting cage side covering the UFC.


While all this great stuff was happening, I was very much becoming addicted to social media and to my phone. After getting Instagram I had become so amazed by how good peoples lives were and the also that I could see into the lives of celebrities that every chance I got I was glued to my phone. Some days I can’t even watch a TV show or movie without picking up my phone, while I enjoy live tweeting sporting events and some crappy reality shows I can’t enjoy a show or movie without taking my phone out of my pocket.


I have tried to improve this part of my life, when catching up with my friends I try to keep my phone in my pocket only getting it out when they person I am with has left the table or using it if they are using it as well but as they old habits die hard.

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