UFC 141 Main Card and One HD Predictions

Looking to finish 2011 in style in the fight capital of the world (Las Vegas) the UFC has put together a strong card which should see some exciting action. While the main event pits two monsters of the MMA world and everyone is keen to see how it pans out , I see the lighter weight fighters on this card stealing the show especially  the Cerrone-Diaz match and I feel that Ross ‘The Real Deal’ Pearson wil be a force at Featherweight. Well enough of me blabbing on its time to get to the predictions.

Preliminary Card (One HD)

Anthony Njokuni vs Danny Castillo

His opponent might have changed but I still see Njokuani having the same problems with Castillo that he would have if Ramsey had not been injured and that is his submission defence. Out of his five losses, 3 have come by way of submission and while I know that his Muay Thai is off the chart but unless he has improved on the wrestling front then I see Castillo wasting no time getting it to the ground. Castillo by submission.

Ross Pearson vs Junior Assuncao

This weight class will be where we see Pearson at his best, but it will be tough first match up in his new division because on the other side of the Octagon will veteran Junior Assuncao who is riding a 7 fight win streak. Both men have shown that they can finish in variety of ways but I think that this one might go the way of the judges scorecards. I think while this will be an entertaining fight Pearson will be keen to make an impression  at Featherweight so he will get win here. Pearson by split decision.

Main Card (Main Event)

Nam Phan vs Jimy Hettes

A good way to start off the main card with fan favourite Phan taking on the undefeated Hettes. ‘The Kid’ has quite an impressive record with all of his wins coming by way of submission, only his strengths are also Phan’s strengths. While it may be a stale mate on the ground, I think that Phan has the better of the stand up but I don’t think Phan should not take it to the ground at all he just has to be wary. This should be a close fight but Phan has the experience and the heart and both go a long way in this game. Phan by unanimous decision.

Vladimir Matyushenko vs Alexander Gustafsson

In a case of the ‘Old Bull’ taking on the ‘Young buck’, Matyushenko will look to continue his recent run of good wins and try to stop Gustafsson’s rise up the Light-Heavyweight ladder. While ‘The Janitor’ has been impressive showing that age has not wearied him but Gustafsson has also been on a roll, disposing of Ultimate Fighter veteran Matt Hamill in spectacular fashion via TKO. Gustafsson is a future title challenger who will only get better with each outing and I see him being too strong here. Gustafsson by TKO.

Jon Fitch vs Johny Hendricks

I have wondered for a while what would happened if these two met in the cage and I think it will be a more entertaining fight then people think. Despite a slip up against B.J. Penn, Fitch was well on the path of title challenger and if he can finish Hendricks he will be even closer. Hendricks knows that a win will shoot him into the upper echlons of the division but I just don’t think he will do against Fitch. Fitch by unanimous decision.

Nate Diaz vs Donald Cerrone

There is definetly no love lost between these guys as we saw through the week when Diaz knocked the cowboy hat off of Cerrone’s head. This will be an enjoyable fight and I expect a lot of taunting coming from the Stockton native especially if Cerrone can’t finish the fight like he has in his last two outings. While Cerrone has been nothing but impessive in racking up 6 wins I can’t help but go for Diaz in this fight. Diaz by split decision.

Brock Lesner vs Alistair Overeem

This is most certainly a clash of the titians. The question is Lesner really at 100%? Because if he isn’t he can expect the same sort of beat down he recieved against Cain Velasquez because Overeem’s stirking is phenomenal. Lesner will need to get the fight to ground  straight away if he is to have any chance. Overeem has been training at extreme Couture and I am sure he has been working on his takedown defence but it will have be top notch as has shown he can take anyone down (even if he can’t keep them there sometimes). I still don’t think that Lesner is at full health and that worries me a lot so Overeem will get the W here. Overeem by TKO

Ok everyone I hope that you enjoy the fights and I also hope that each one of you have an awesome new years I will see you in 2012.

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1 thought on “UFC 141 Main Card and One HD Predictions”

  1. Going to be very interesting event here, great match ups with a good chance to see some upsets , tho I believe Nate will be out done by the cowboy as he is on fire at moment and his stand up is more complete than nates tho his ground game is not as strong the cowboys will and strength might see him able to nullify nates bjj , pluss Nate has a habit if win one loose one lately so he up for a loss if this trait continues .
    Brock I believe will take Alister down in the first minute and tho Alister is strong enough to scramble back up his skill set along with Brock’s will to win and his agrresive nature will aid the awesome wrestling talent of the former WWE star and Alister could be in for a hard exhausting fight that I see brock coming out on top of
    The rest I agree with in results except we may see some submissions and ko’s instead of decisions 🙂

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