The Return of Jamie Varner

Just four weeks after telling everyone via twitter that he was going to hang up gloves, former WEC Lightweight champion Jamie Varner decided that it wasn’t the best time to retire and returned to the cage in the main event of XFC on Saturday.

I have always enjoyed watching Jamie Varner fight but I have never really liked what came out of his mouth (e.g after his loss to Ben Henderson via guillotine choke he said that he came to fight and Ben came to grapple) so I was really taken aback by this rather hasty decision, even after he took it down from his twitter timeline I actually  thought that I had seen the last of him. Fast forward one month later and when I found out that he was headlining I got excited, I mean the man is only 27 and he hasn’t hit his prime yet he needed to get back to the sport other wise he would have regretted it down track.

The man he was facing in his ‘comeback’ fight was a man called ‘Ladies Love’ (worst nickname ever) Nate Jolly and while I was excited for Varner I was also worried especially after what happened the last time he faced an unheralded fighter but after a minute and ten seconds Varner pounded away my worries and Jollys head in what was a like bit of a mis-match but it was exactly was needed for Varner to get his confidence and get back to the big show.

Have we seen the resurgence of Jamie Varner lets hope so. Below is a link to the fight.

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