Day 9: What’s In your Bag/Wallet

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I’m up to day nine now, and I’m not keen to do this, but here we go. Instead of doing what’s inside my wallet because it’s boring, I’m doing to do what’s in my work bag.

I take a messenger (or, as some people know it, a satchel) to work daily.


An essential item in my bag is my reporter’s notebook. I am a stationary nerd, so I have many notebooks, pens, and sharpies. There are three in there.

I keep a stress ball in there cause I have to keep my hands busy when I’m not writing or editing. One of the friendly trainees from the library had some one day, and he gave one.

My voice recorder has been from one satchel to another, so I’m always ready to interview people. Also, there are some spare AAA batteries, just in case.

I have some cheap headphones in there; they’re from the uni store because I kept forgetting to take some to class. So I would always dash to shop before my 9 am video or audio editing class.

This one is a new addition; it’s a portable charging bank for my phone. I got it for free; otherwise, I wouldn’t have obtained one.

I have a heap of USB charging cables because, like the headphones, I always forget to take one to uni. I needed to buy them because I would forget one on a day I was at uni.

The final thing in my bag is my old iPhone, and I got a second sim card because I had this brilliant idea. Before I got the job with 7 Spencer Gulf News, I had resigned to myself working in the public service and on my side hustle, podcasting. For one podcast, I was going to get listeners to call in and leave a message. I got the idea from John Jastremski, but now it’s just a backup phone.

I know this wasn’t the most exciting post, but if you made it to this part, I thank you. Anyway, here is Pretty Ricky and Grind With Me (It’s the clean version)



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