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The first ever blog I ever did was on Myspace, and I remember it well. It was the long weekend, and after watching UFC 85 on Sunday and TNA Slamiversary on Monday, I got on the only Social media platform that had at the time and started to write.

In the past, I have credited an injury during sparring that kick-started my writing career and set me on the path to becoming a sports journalist. When I think back, it was this moment that came to mind.

As the title of this blog post suggests, I am a dreamer. Even back then, when I wrote those first two blogs, I did it with the thought that it may turn into something more. And it has, but I have more dreams to do.

To realise how much of a dreamer I am, I will point you to a cartoon character called Ralph Phillips. If you’ve seen old Looney Tunes, you will know who Ralph is; if you don’t, here is your introduction:

There’s a saying if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. The dreams I have right now scre the shit out of me, but I can’t wait for them to come true.



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