The Miz: WWE’s Company man

Photo Credit: WWE.

Over the course of his career, Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin has done what the WWE have asked of him and done it smile on his face. 

He may as well change his middle name to ‘WWE” or ‘Titan Sports’. There are two examples’ reasons why ‘The Miz’ is a company man and one from about 10 years ago.

The first example was his recent WWE title reign. After winning defeating Otis for his Money in the Bank briefcase, ‘The Miz’ cashed it in at Elimination Chamber this year. Pouncing champion Drew McIntyre, who had not only taken on five other WWE superstars but had also been attacked by Bobby Lashley, ‘The A-Lister’ defeated McIntyre with a Skull Cushing Finale. ‘The Miz’ didn’t have time to celebrate his win, or even have time to put his name plates on the WWE title as he lost it to Lashley seven days later on Raw. This isn’t the first time that transitional champion had been used in the WWE, but other Superstars would not have been happy with this outcome. 

The second example that ‘The Miz’ is a company man was who he feuded with after his title loss to Lashley. Instead of chasing after his title, he was placed in a feud with NXT star Damien Priest and Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny. This was Priest’s first feud since joining the RAW roster. While Bad Bunny was brought into the WWE at the Royal Rumble to perform his song about five-time heavyweight champion Booker T. After numerous run ins with Bad Bunny and Priest, ‘The Miz’ along with John Morrison, who recently returned to the WWE from TNA, took on Priest and Bad Bunny at Wrestlemania 37. A number of other Superstars would have gotten mad, others would have flat out refused at taking on a newcomer to the roster and a celebrity instead of getting another shot at the most coveted prize in Sports Entertainment. But not ‘The Miz’, he just got on with the job. 

The third reason was ‘The Miz’ first title reign back in 2010/2011. During his feud with John Cena, ‘The Miz’ played third fiddle to Cena and ‘The Rock’. While he defeated Cena due to interference from the ‘Peoples Champ’, This was to tease a future match between Cena and ‘The Rock’. The WWE universe has seen wrestlers complain about part timers such as ‘The Rock’ given the star treatment, but much like he in his feud with Priest and Bad Bunny, “the Miz’ just got on with the job. 

For everything that he has done for the WWE there is no doubt that ‘The Miz’ will become a Hall of Famer in the future. 

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