Losing My Way


Dana White

Back in October 2012 I was ready for one of the biggest changes in my life, moving to Canberra so I could go to university. Five years on it’s safe to say that things haven’t gone to plan.

At the time I was taking the biggest step of my life and normally I wouldn’t have done so, I was used to sitting in my comfort zone and wondering ‘what if’. I was sick of living with regret and thought it was time to move on as I now had new dreams to chase.

I packed the car and took off; readying myself for what I was sure was going to be the best decision of my life but five years on it fair to say that I have really lost my way on this journey.

When I left Wagga I thought I was leaving behind something, something that I had battled for years and my thinking was that I would finally be doing something that I wanted to do and something I was passionate about. I was so sure that by getting a degree I would become the next John Morgan or Ariel Helwani; I also figured that by doing something that I loved my depression would disappear but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

The past five years have been filled with heartbreak and disappointment’s, when things got tough I would lock myself away and not want to go out into the world but it gave me something amazing, a beautiful daughter and I wouldn’t change that for the world!

In 2018 I’m looking to go back to where I started, writing about MMA but I am also hoping to expand and write about other things as well. This year I’m no longer just standing by and wishing things to happen, I’m going make them happen.

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4 thoughts on “Losing My Way”

  1. Funnily enough, 2012 was also the year I started university in Sydney, with great expectations for my life. But… everything went pear-shaped and now I’m pretty much back where I started, in my hometown LOL (no kids though sadly!). Let’s make 2018 the year we get things back on track!

  2. “This year I’m no longer just standing by and wishing things to happen, I’m going make them happen.”

    I’ve been thinking something along those lines as well. And wish you all the best! Hope 2018 turns out the year you find your way to a better self and life!

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