UFC 136 Predictions – One HD Preliminary and Main Card Fights

The Toyota Center in Houston, Texas is the scene for the third fight between Lightweight champion Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar and Gray ‘The Bully’ Maynard after their epic new years day battle was declared a draw. The co-main event will see Kenny ‘Kenflo’ Florian make a third attempt at UFC gold when he meets Featherweight phenom (and champion) Jose Aldo. Also on the card, trash talk king Chael Sonnen will meet Former Marine Brian Stann to see who will be the next in line for Anderson Silva.

Preliminary Card (One HD)

Anthony Pettis vs Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens thinks that he is going to give Pettis his second loss in the UFC but I don’t think that it will be as easy as he thinks. Both men have really good stand up skills, Pettis I think will be better, especially with some of his very innovative moves. While I don’t think Stephens is a slouch on the ground I am pretty sure Pettis also has the edge in that department too. Stephens has KO power but I think it will be the flashy stand up and the grappling skills of Anthony Pettis that will prevail. Pettis by submission.

Damien Maia vs Jorge Santiago 

I am really looking forward to this fight. Both men are Black Belts in Jiu-Jitsu so I don’t think we will see anyone get submitted here, so I am intrigued to see how this will be played out on the feet. Personally I think that Santiago’s stand up is better here but Maia’s has improved over his last few fights and I am keen to see him throw down. Santiago does have a chequered record in the UFC but I think that he will notch that elusive second win. Santiago by unanimous decision.

Main Card (Main Event)

Joe Lauzon vs Melvin Guillard

This is a very interesting fight, because while Guillard should be considered the favourite going into this fight Lauzon could get the upset here. Joe is quite a good fighter but when he is in a big fight he usually doesn’t perform so this is his chance to show he can step up to the plate. Guillard has been going from strength to strength and a win here should see him on the verge of a title shot, but he will have to be careful otherwise Joe will make him pay. While Joe could cause the upset, and I won’t be surprised if he does, I’m still going with Melvin. Guillard by KO.

Leonard Garcia vs Nam Phan

After a questionable decision win in their last meeting, Garcia now has the chance to show that it was well deserved. It won’t be easy because Phan is pretty much one fight away from receiving his walking papers so he has plenty to fight for. This fight will definitely be one hell of a scrap as both men have biggest hearts in the fight game, but when the dust settles I think Nam Phan will be the one whose hand is raised. Phan by split decision.

Chael Sonnen vs Brian Stann

Chael has been thrown in the deep end a bit here, coming off an enforced lay off  he is meeting a man who seems to be hitting his straps as a fighter. This is a great opportunity for Stann especially since Sonnen is the last person to show that Anderson Silva is human. I think that Chael can become the champ one day, unfortunately I think the exact same thing of Stann. I will take Stann for this one but it was a coin flip decision. Stann by split decision.

Jose Aldo vs Kenny Florian 

During an interview with Heavy.com reporter Megan Olivi, Dana White said that Kenny doesn’t fight like himself in big fights and I agree. So which Kenny will we see on Saturday, the methodical fighter who can pick apart fighters on his feet and on the ground or the fighter who gets over awed like he was against Sherk and Penn – hopefully its the former. Now Jose Aldo is an absolute phenom, he is up there on pound for pound lists but I think that Kenny has the best chance out of anyone of taking the title. As Hominick showed in his last fight, Jose does have some weaknesses. I like Jose alot, he has become one of my favourites to watch but I just think that it’s Kenny’s time. Florian by unanimous decision.

Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard 

If this fight is anything like their last one, it will be an instant classic. It was disappointing how it ended the last time but these two guys showed everyone who thought it would be a boring fight what idiots they were. Gray just about had Frankie finished in the first round but Frankie will be keen not to let the same thing happen again. Gray will not doubt use his size advantage but I see Frankie being too slick and keen to move onto the next challenger. Edgar by unanimous decision.

I would like to wish all the fighters good luck and I hope you all come through injury free. I hope all you fans enjoy the card.

Until next time, take care.

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